Dezember 2023

"I have been recommended your services to my coworkers in KLU, especially Student services  who struggle with many international people. As my personal feedback: I'm really glad I contact you as soon as I heard about this kind of service in Hamburg. The home search has been fast and smooth and I've felt supported all the time. I would do it again in a heartbeat because finding an aparment in Hamburg has been a great experience thanks to you!"

Lidia Guerrero Miglietti, Kühne Logistics University


Dezember 2022

"Dear Kirsten and Tina,
Just want to wish you a very happy Christmas but also a honest and heart warming THANK YOU!
I was impressed with the level of support from both of you from the first contact.
I cant imagine how I would “land” so easily in Hamburg without it.
I have done several moves abroad and I can tell by experience, Punktladung’s level of service is among the very best.
I am sure you know that but it is good to repeat, you play a huge role on ensuring a great start at the new job/city/country.
I wish you all the best and a bright future ahead!
Warm regards!, Adriano"

Adriano Abila, All4Labels, Operational Excellence Manager Central Europe

Februar 2020

Marghita v.E., aus Amsterdam/ Fa. Philips

"Adequate support in a personal manner, Kirsten did a great job locally. Would highly recommend the services"

November 2019

Zoe Andrews, International School of Hamburg

"We are very happy with Punktlandung’s relocation support.
Our contact Tina went above and beyond our expectations. She answered all of our questions thoroughly and was so helpful before, during and after our move. She really made our move to Germany so much smoother and easier.

Juli 2019

Benoit R. aus Amsterdam

"Dear Kirsten and Tina, I’d like to thank you again for helping us so efficiently on our relocation! This was a source of stress for us knowing how difficult it was to find a home in Hamburg but we are now very happy with the outcome and we would never have expected to have the keys of a very nice home within a month after getting in touch with you. And without your advice we would also never have gone for Blankenese.

So many thanks and I will definitely recommend your service whenever I can!"

März 2019

Wiem Z.E. aus Paris/ Fa. Moia GmbH

"Hi Kirsten,

I am grateful for your support on bank account, apartment registration and everything, that's very helpful to start living in a new country
Kind regards, all the best for you"
August 2017:
Lalita Ramakrishna, India, Teacher at International School Campus
Tina from Punktlandung helped me move from Bangalore, India to Hamburg, Germany. She made the entire process a very smooth and enjoyable one. Right from the early stages of the visa process to booking appointments, answering all my questions and putting me in touch with the right people, finding a home, sorting through all the documentation and paperwork, even helping me get a SIM card and driving me around from place to place, Tina's organized, personable, friendly, and systematic approach was a huge help when starting life in a foreign country. 
I highly recommend Tina for a stress-free, comfortable and smooth transition to Hamburg. 
Thank you for all your help, Tina!

Juli 2016

Sim Lim, Australia

Hi Kirsten,

Many thanks for finding me such a great place to live and making settling into a new city so easy!

January, 2016

Cheryl Andersen, UK

Tina helped with our move from New York to Hamburg. Moving with children, to a country that does not speak
your language is not easy but Tina's professionalism definitely helped our move go smoothly.
We had great communication before we arrived, regarding our housing needs and after our arrival,
Tina was very efficient to help us with necessary paperwork and getting us up and running in our new home.
She was also quick to answer any adhoc questions that we had, even months after our arrival.
I am so happy that we had Tina to help us through this move and would recommend her to anyone about to embark on
their move to Hamburg.


March 2014:

Tiago B. und Silvia P., Lissabon/ Portugal:

Moving somewhere is always scary, complicated and stressful even more when it's a new country and you don't speak the language.
Hiring Kirsten from Punktlandung was the best thing we did. She helped us find our dream house in Hamburg, took care of all the appointments and paperwork and made our move and relocation to Hamburg a breeze.
The beginning of our life here in hamburg has been a pleasure mostly thanks to Kirsten.
She is very very nice and always happy to help. You are in really good hands if you need a relocation agent.
Again, thank you very much for everything Kirsten :)



October 2012

Jia (Jessie) Li, Lubricants Technical Advisor, Shell ( China) Limited/ Shell Germany:

Dear Kirsten,

Really appreciate your great efforts and kindly help with my house rent and eAT card application! You’re so helpful and warmhearted that made me settle down in Hamburg in such a short time. I can’t go through these affairs smoothly without your help!


August 2012:

Bas Tonnaer, Director Corporate and Regulatory Affairs, British American Tobacco Germany:

"Kirsten Ploetzky has been a great help to me and my family relocating from Switzerland to Hamburg. From finding a suitable house in the desired location, which is not that easy in Hamburg, to guiding us through all the necessary paperwork, She was always there to guide, explain and anticipate any next question we had. Kirsten does her job with integrity and delivers beyond the basic requirements. Besides her professionalism, Kirsten is also fun to work with! "